Chongqing people and hot pot

hot pot

Chongqing people and hot pot feelings is not a saying that chongqing people love to eat hot can explain. Chongqing has a humid climate, and it rains a lot all year round. Eating hot pot in winter can keep us warm and in summer can help us sweat and dehumidify. But this is only part of the objective reason why chongqing people like hot pot.

Hot pot, originated from folk diet, is to meet the public can consume, simple production, rich dishes, as long as there is authentic hotpot seasoning, with their favorite food, you can well satisfy their appetite. Chongqing people usually eat hotpot with their relatives and friends. It can take 4-5 hours to eat a hotpot, and Chongqing people can handle anything and entertain anyone with a hotpot. From this we can see that Chongqing people enjoy not only the taste of hot pot, but also the cultural details of hot pot. Perhaps this is a feeling.


Now chongqing hot pot has been to the country, to the world. Few people know that chongqing hotpot is popular not only because it tastes good, but also because it carries the culture of chongqing and the yearning of chongqing people for "hot" life.

hot pot with nine squares