Guangdong morning tea


Easy-living Cantonese people have the habit of drinking morning tea. Drinking morning tea is not as simple as drinking tea in the morning. It is a kind of culture and the beginning of a new day for Cantonese people.

Cantonese people drink morning tea, some for breakfast, usually the whole family sitting around a table, sharing the joy of family. Some go to work immediately after breakfast tea, others take it as a pastime. Most of the leisure people are retired elderly people in the neighbourhood. They usually come the earliest and leave the latest. They can sit from the opening of the tea house in the morning until the morning tea is "closed".

shrimp dumplings

Cantonese people usually go to street restaurants for morning tea. They order a pot of tea, dessert and snacks with relatives and friends in the morning. They talk about life and work during tea time. It is also a good time for young men and women to talk about love and love. Dessert is also an indispensable part of morning tea. Shrimp dumplings, sausage powder, fork baked buns and so on are loved by men and women, so the time for a morning tea is generally more than one hour, which fully reflects the Cantonese people enjoy life and love life. In today's fast-paced life, drinking morning tea is indeed a love of life.

steamed stuffed bun