Hometown of Wushu - Foshan


Foshan, maybe you don't know. When it comes to huang feihong, Ye wen and Bruce lee, you must know. Foshan is the main birthplace of southern Chinese martial arts. There are many local people who learn martial arts and have cultivated many martial arts masters.

Foshan, a prefecture-level city in Guangdong Province, is located in the central part of Guangdong Province. It is an international historical and cultural city in China. Foshan is a famous "land of martial arts". In the early Ming Dynasty, martial arts were very popular in Foshan. In the late Qing Dynasty, there were many schools of martial arts in Foshan, and many influential martial arts experts and organizations were trained.


Cai Li Fo quan, Hong Quan, Yongchun Quan and many other types of boxing and genres have their roots in Foshan. Huang Feihong, a famous martial arts master, Liang Zan and Ye Wen, the master of Yongchun, and Bruce Lee's ancestral home is also in Foshan. Nowadays, there are Huang Feihong Memorial Hall, Ye Wentang, Bruce Lee Memorial Hall, Hongsheng Hall and Jingwu Guild Hall in Foshan. This shows that Foshan is a well-deserved hometown of Wushu, and I believe that the spirit of Wushu will be further developed in the future.