Fishing Culture on the Lijiang River


Guilin has picturesque scenery, mountains and waters, as well as its ancient traditional culture. Lijiang River breeds the people of Guilin. It not only gives Guilin people clear river water, but also raises everything here.


Lijiang River has clear water quality and abundant freshwater fish resources, which has also created a number of fishermen. The way fishermen fish here is also different. They don't use fishing nets or rods, but a kind of bird, cormorant. The cormorant is a born underwater champion, about the size of a duck, and its feathers have a high waterproof ability, which is conducive to its underwater movement speed. Second, it relies on its mouth, the tip of its mouth is curved, with sharp edges on both sides, fishing is easy to get. The cormorants have been tamed by fishermen for a long time, so that cormorants can fish for themselves. Before using cormorants for fishing, fishermen tie a small rope around the neck and throat of cormorants so that the fish caught by cormorants can stay in their mouth without swallowing. When the cormorant comes out of the water, the fisherman will catch the cormorant and remove the fish from his mouth. In order to reward cormorants, fishermen often feed several small fish after cormorants catch fish.


Now, the cormorant fishing method has become a culture and a part of guilin's tourism, attracting many tourists with unprecedented fishing methods.