Longevity of Bama Village

Longevity man

Longevity Village in Bama, Guangxi, is located in Bapantun Village, Bama Town, west of Nanning, which is famous for its many centenarians.

Bama Town is unknown in history and has never been a popular tourist destination. However, with the increasing people's awareness and demand for health care, the media vigorously publicized the Bama Longevity Village, where 22 people over the age of 100, accounting for about 3% of the village's population, belongs to one of the five longevity townships in the world. Compared with other longevity townships in the world, the proportion of longevity in Bama is rising, while that in other longevity townships is declining. The life span of Bama villagers exceeds the standard of longevity townships in the world by about 200 times.

Bama Village

The secret of Bama Village's longevity has been explored and explained by scientists:

Bama Village is located in the hilly area, the air contains a large number of negative oxygen ions, oxygen ion content in 1000 cm 3 people feel refreshed, to regulate the role of nerves, but also to some extent improve blood circulation, improve heart function, etc;

Mountain springs, Bama is located in the limestone zone, where the mountain springs contain rich minerals beneficial to people;

Environment, slow rhythm of life, low pressure of life, unique natural environment suitable for life.