The thousand Miao villages XiJiang

Miao village

The Thousand miao villages xijiang is built near by mountains and rivers. The hanging feet are stacked on top of each other. There is a well-known Silversmith Village in Xijiang. Miao silver jewelry production has a very high level. Miao silver jewelry such as big horn silver, small horn silver, silver crown, silver clothing and other treasures mostly come from Xijiang. Here, the Miao people's farming, festivals, silver ornaments, clothing, diet, singing and dancing and other folk customs are handed down from generation to generation, which is the preferred place to understand and understand the long history and development of the Miao people in China.

miao silver ornaments

There are about 1500 households and 5800 people living in thousand miao villages. Due to the limitation of cultivated land resources, the Miao people living here make full use of the topographic characteristics of the area, and build unique wooden structure suspension tower in the mid-mountain, which is divided into two categories, flat ground suspension tower and slope suspension tower. Today, thousands of Miao villages have become famous tourist attractions, where beautiful landscapes, charming scenery, simple folk customs, can feel different Miao culture.

thousand miao villages xijiang