You should know the miao culture


Speaking of Guizhou, you may think of the Miao people; speaking of the Miao people, you may think of thousand Miao villages Xijiang. As a member of 56 ethnic families in China, the Miao nationality has its own unique customs and culture, which deserves our understanding.

Thousands Miao villages Xijiang are limited by cultivated land. People's houses are mainly wooden suspended foot buildings, which are divided into two categories: flat ground suspended foot buildings and slope suspended foot buildings, generally three floors. The bottom layer is used to store production tools, keep poultry and livestock, store fertilizers or use toilets. The second floor is used as living room, hall room, bedroom and kitchen. The outside of the hall is built with a unique "Beauty Reliance". Miao language is called "JieXi". It is mainly used for enjoy the cool, embroidery and rest. It is a major feature of Miao architecture. It not only gives full play to the space of the hanging-feet building, but also is a characteristic culture.

stilted building

The greatest feature of Miao people's clothing is that there are many silver ornaments, which are all kinds of silver ornaments from head to neck. Miao silver jewelry craftsmen in Xijiang make exquisite silver jewelry craft, unique shape,the production and life, human spirit, totem worship into one, embroidering Miao embroidery of one side of the landscape, imagination rich, creative exaggeration, bright colors, embroidered rare birds and animals, exotic flowers and grass lifelike.

miao dress
miao dance

For the Miao people, the nongx yangx is their most solemn festival. The time of the nongx yangx varies from place to place. It is usually celebrated for three, five or fifteen days. Before the Year of Miao, families prepared plentiful food to kill pigs and sheep. By the nongx yangx, people began to celebrate by visiting villages, offering sacrifices to ancestors, eating "reunion dinner", "exchange wine" and dancing Lusheng.