The Xiongan New Area

Xiongan New Area

Xiongan New Area is an international-level new area decided by the Chinese government, including Xiongxian, Rongcheng, Anxin and some surrounding areas in Hebei Province.

The establishment of Xiongan New District is to evacuate the non-capital functions of Beijing and to adjust the layout and spatial structure of BeijingTianjin and Hebei, which is conducive to evacuating population pressure and making full use of resources. The selection criteria of Xiongan New Area have obvious advantages in location, convenient transportation, excellent ecological environment, strong carrying capacity of resources and environment, low degree of development, abundant development space, and basic conditions for high starting point and high standard development and construction. Xiongan New Area is planned and constructed with a specific area as the starting area. The starting area is about 100 square kilometers, the medium-term development area is about 200 square kilometers, and the long-term control area is about 2000 square kilometers.

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The establishment of Xiongan New Area lies in improving infrastructure, building backbone networks without destroying the ecological environment, optimizing human resources, attracting overseas returnees to start businesses and allowing foreign investment to develop. Nowadays, Xiongan has already witnessed a vigorous rise. Driven by the policy, Xiongan New Area has become a place with great potential for development.