Zhangjiakou and The 2022 Winter Olympic Games

Zhangjiakou and The 2022 Winter Olympic Games

The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games are jointly hosted by Beijing and Zhangjiakou. Beijing hosts all ice events. The outdoor snow competitions are held in Yanqing, Beijing and Zhangjiakou, Hebei.

Zhangjiakou is located in the border area of Beijing, Shanxi, Hebei and Inner Mongolia, only 180 kilometers away from Beijing. In order to shorten the traffic time between Zhangjiakou and Beijing and facilitate the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, several high-speed railways, including the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway, can shorten the time between Beijing and Zhangjiakou to 50 minutes.


Zhangjiakou is a temperate continental climate (113 50 116 30 East longitude, 39 30 north latitude 42 10'). Zhangjiakou is colder than Beijing and has a long snowy period. Especially, the Chongli wind in Zhangjiakou has heavy snow, low temperature and low altitude. The snowy period lasts 120 days, and the slope of Chongli Mountain is steep, gent With an area of 300 square kilometers, Chongli County has built more than 80 snow tracks certified by the International Snow Federation. Zhangjiakou is very suitable for holding outdoor events of the Winter Olympic Games, whether in natural climate, geography or in the construction of competition facilities.

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Competitions held in Zhangjiakou include Ice hockey (2 gold medals), Curling (2 gold medals), Speed skating (12 gold medals), Short track speed skating (8 gold medals), Figure skating (5 gold medals), Bobsleigh (3 gold medals), rudderless sled (4 gold medals), Skeleton (2 gold medals), winter two (11 gold medals), Nordic two (3 gold medals), and so on. Alpine skiing (10 gold medals), Cross-country skiing (12 gold medals), Freestyle skiing (10 gold medals), Ski jumping (4 gold medals) and Snowboarding (12 gold medals).