EnShi Tea


Tea has a long history in China. Enshi, Hubei Province, China is one of the tea-producing regions in China. The soil in Enshi area of Hubei Province is rich in selenium. Enshi tea is a kind of selenium-enriched tea, which is favored by tea people. Enshi tea is most famous for Enshi Yulu. It is produced in Wuling Mountain Tea District, Southwest Hubei Province. Others include Green Forest Cuifeng, Wujiatai Green Needle, Wudong Gongyu, Chiye Alpine Wild Tea, etc.

Enshi tea is famous for its rich selenium, delicious taste, high fragrance, green color, beautiful shape and slight appearance. The average selenium content of Enshi tea is 1.068 ppm. Long-term daily drinking of 500 ml selenium-enriched tea is the best way for human body to supplement organic selenium. It has anti-cancer, anti-hypertension and anti-aging effects.


Enshi Yulu Tea, the most famous one in Enshi, is a traditional steamed green tea in China. It is made of one or two leaves with thick green leaves, which are sterilized by steam. Enshi Yulu has strict requirements for harvesting. The buds and leaves must be tender and even. The tea strips should be tight, round and smooth. The color is bright green, even and straight. The tea soup is clear and bright, the fragrance is clear and persistent, the taste is refreshing and mellow, the bottom of the leaves is tender and bright, and the color is green as jade. "Three green": tea green, soup green and leaf bottom green, which are its remarkable characteristics.

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