Inner Mongolia toast culture

Mongolia toast culture

No wine no banquet, this sentence is the same everywhere in China, wine culture is the social etiquette on the table, different customs, wine culture is also different.

Mongolian herdsmen live in the cold areas of northern China. Affected by customs and environment, Mongolians love kumiss with unique flavor. In Mongolian custom, kumiss is used to entertain distinguished guests to express their enthusiasm. The Mongolian people attach great importance to wine and think that it is the best drink. Mongolian personality is generous, and the etiquette of toasting guests is warm and solemn. The host pours the wine into a silver bowl or cup, uses a long Hadato lift, and gives the guests three consecutive toasts with great respect and devotion. Each tour has a meaning, which is to thank God for the light and the fortune bestowed by the earth, and at the same time to wish the world good luck and eternity. Drinkers dip a little wine in their right middle finger and play it to the sky and the ground once to show their respect for heaven and earth before drinking. The three tours require all the guests to drink, in order to express their gratitude and sincere friendship to the host. If the guest does not drink, the host sings impromptuly to persuade him to drink until the guest drinks. Sometimes the host kneels down on one knee to show his sincerity and invites the guest to drink. If the guest drinks the wine freely, the host will be very happy and think it is respected by the guest. If the guest is really not good at drinking, you can also drink a little of each of the three tours, and then respectfully return to the owner.

toast etiquette

There is a custom called "deji", which means "the first cup of wine", which is used by the host to respect the elders or guests. "Deji" also pay attention to toast etiquette, and the person being toasted must carry on the same etiquette, used to show respect and thanks to the host.

the kumiss