Macau Gambling Industry


Macao's gambling industry rose in 1847. It has a long history. It is one of the four pillar industries of Macao in China and one of the four major gambling cities in the world.

Macau is known as a "gambling port". In its early years, the most popular gambling was "Fan booth" and "Paijiu". In the 20th century, Western gambling games were introduced into Macau, and the integration of local gambling methods formed a pluralistic gambling structure. Macau is now known as the "Eastern Monte Carlo" and "Eastern Las Vegas". Although Macao's sovereignty returned to China from Portugal in 1999, Macao enjoyed a high degree of autonomy, making the gambling industry here a legitimate industry. Macau gambling can be divided into casino gambling, horse racing, football, lottery and so on. Among them, the more popular ones are baccarat, 21 o'clock and Texas poker.

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Many tourists who come to Macau often go to the casino to experience it. They say it is because they go to the casino to feel the noble, atmosphere and high-grade gambling environment, not to really gamble money. But there are some rich people who want to go to Macau to make a big profit, and they often do it empty-handed, so anyone want to make money back. It's good to go the right way.

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