Ningxia Shahu Lake

Ningxia Shahu Lake

Shahu Lake is located in the southwest of Pingluo County, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. The whole scenic area is dominated by lakes, sand, water, reeds, birds and mountains. Ningxia Shahu Lake has become an international AAAAA class scenic spot in China and one of the top ten charming leisure tourism lakes in China.

The total area of Ningxia Shahu Lake is 82 square kilometers, including 22 square kilometers of water area and 12.7 square kilometers of desert area. It is an eco-tourism resort that integrates Jiangnan water town and desert scenery. Shahu Lake is rich in resources. There are dozens of species of fish growing in the clean and warm lake water all the year round. They are not only common carp, silver carp, grass carp and crucian carp, but also rare Wuchang fish in the north, baby fish (giant salamander) with a body length of 160 cm and a body circumference of more than 1 meter. In addition, there are amusement park, watchtower, aquarium palace, reed maze, yurt hotel, desert boat, water slide, water parachute jumping, water motorcycle, sand slide ropeway, Lake boating, natural bath and other tourism projects.

scenery of shahu lake

Shahu lake is a bird's paradise. There are 98 species of birds in 24 families and 11 orders in the scenic spot, including Chinese first-class protected birds: Great Bustard, Chinese Autumn Sand Duck, White-tailed Sea Carving, Black Stork, etc. The reeds in the Shahu Lake are flourishing, and the reeds here are thin, long and tough, which can be used to make handicraft. The water quality of the Shahu Lake is excellent, known as " Fortress jiangnan", where there are abundant light. Fish resources.