QingHai Lake

QingHai Lake

Qinghai lake called "west sea", also called "fairy sea", is the largest inland lake in China, is located in the northeast of qinghai-tibet plateau, northwest of xining, just of every county in the south, 136 kilometers from xining city, east longitude 99 ° 36 '~ 100 ° 16', latitude 36 ° 32 '~ 37 ° 15', is China's national 5 a-class tourist scenic spot.

Qinghai lake has haixin mountain in the lake, surrounded by high mountains: datong mountain in the north, sun and moon mountain in the east, nanshan mountain in qinghai in the south and xiangpi mountain in the west. Lake summer mean temperature 15 ℃, is a natural summer resort. Qinghai lake is 3196 meters above sea level, with an average depth of 18.6 meters and a depth of 32.8 meters. It is 106 kilometers long from east to west and 63 kilometers wide from south to north, with an area of 4,583 square kilometers and a lake capacity of 85.4 cubic kilometers.

The road around the lake is about 360 kilometers. It passes through hainan Tibetan autonomous prefecture, haixi Mongol Tibetan autonomous prefecture and haibei Tibetan autonomous prefecture, all of which are high-grade highways with excellent road conditions. Moreover, there are few cars and few people. Travel in the area without altitude sickness.

Qinghai Lake

Since 2002, the International Road Cycling Race around Qinghai Lake has been held in Qinghai Province from July to August every year. With the approval of the International Cycling Federation, the Lake Ring Race is 2.HC, the top race in Asia and the highest international road bicycle race in the world. Each year, more than 100 athletes from about 20 sports teams from five continents participate in the competition. The total distance of the competition is 1300 kilometers, the average altitude is more than 3000 meters, the course is 9 days, and the total prize is 250,000 dollars. The natural scenery along the way is magnificent and charming.