The eight monsters of Shaanxi

cruty pancake

Since ancient times, Guanzhong culture has a long history. In the long history, with the development of culture and people's living habits, Guanzhong people have formed a special and distinctive Qin culture, which is the eight monsters of Shaanxi.

oily spicy pepper
  • First strange: Don't make a stool, squat. In ancient times, people may have more people and fewer benches, and people are accustomed to squatting, but this squatting still requires kungfu. Only after years of experience, can we squat tirelessly. In the past, people used to squat outside their own doors and chat while eating, which was not a "feat" that could be practiced in a year or two.
  • Second: Half of the house is covered. Traditional Chinese households are generally "people" type structure, Guanzhong area called this kind of house "Anjian" room, also called “shangfang”. Inside, there lived the master and the elderly. The structure was the hall and the bedroom on both sides. A courtyard in addition to the upper room and the wing, called the Xiazifang in guanzhong ovary. The structure of the house is half of the word "human", that is, half of the "strange" house built.
  • Third strange: the girl is not out. Since ancient times, Qinchuan has been a self-sufficient geomantic treasure land with abundant property. Guanzhong men love their families and their wives. With such good young men in the area, girls naturally do not need to marry far away.
  • Fourth strange: handkerchief wears it on his head. In the past, people's living environment was poor. Wind and dust were blowing on the Loess Plateau. In the hot sun, women could not go out to work without shelter. In the old society, they had a beautiful cloth to make handkerchiefs,used to block out sand and strong sunlight.
  • Fifth Strange: Noodles are like belts. Guanzhong has always been a pasta-based area, just noodles, Guanzhong people can make dozens of patterns, noodles like belts, that is, the bread and length of noodles, a noodle is a bowl of noodles, sprinkle some vegetables, with spicy oil, very delicious.
  • Sixth strange: the crusty pancake is like a pot cover. Legend has it that in the Tang Dynasty, when repairing the Qianling Mausoleum, the number of military artisans serving was too large, which often delayed the construction progress for food and was punished. So a soldier in his anxiety put dough in his helmet, put it in the fire to bake, and branded it into cakes. It's the modern person's "Crusty pancake".
  • Seventh strange: a dish of spicy oil. Guanzhong people have a special preference for spicy seeds, and different from other places, spicy oil is indispensable for cooking or noodles.
  • Eighth strange: Qin opera does not sing,use roar. This is an exaggerated description of Guanzhong people's love for Qin Opera. In Guanzhong people's life, in their spare time, Guanzhong people like to sing Qin Opera for  "pk", which is called "roar" because of its loud voice.
cruty pancake