The Shanghai stock exchange

Shanghai stock

The Shanghai stock exchange, one of the two stock exchanges in mainland China, is located on the 1st floor of the north tower of Shanghai securities building, no. 528 pudong south road, pudong new area, Shanghai. The Shanghai stock exchange is a member of the international organization of securities commissions, the federation of Asian and Oceania exchanges, and the world federation of exchanges.

The Shanghai Stock Exchange was established on November 26, 1990 and opened on December 19, 1990. It is supervised and managed by the China Securities Regulatory Commission. Its main functions include: providing places, facilities and services for securities trading; formulating and amending the business rules of the stock exchange; examining and arranging the listing of securities, deciding on the suspension, resumption, termination and re-listing of securities; and providing non-public issuance of securities. Transfer of services; organization and supervision of securities trading; supervision of members, etc.

The Shanghai stock exchange
stock exchange

On December 19, 1990, the base was set at 100 points, and the comprehensive index was used, that is, all stocks listed and traded were counted. After nearly 30 years of development, from 8 stocks on December 19, 1990 to 1517 stocks till now (till early 2019).