Shanxi people and pasta

shanxi pasta

In southern China, people live mainly on rice, while in the north, pasta is the main food. Shanxi is the representative of pasta culture. In Shanxi, pasta has many kinds, bright color and unique taste.

Shanxi has its own regional characteristics due to geographical environment, nature, humanities, history and other factors. Pasta culture also has local characteristics, with a strong flavor of the Loess Plateau and traditional life characteristics. Shanxi pasta has a large portion and a full bowl. There are many kinds of pasta in Shanxi Province. The samples of steaming, frying, boiling, frying and roasting are all complete. Shanxi pasta, the most commendable kind of pasta is boiled. In Shanxi people's mind, the so-called pasta refers to the soup type of boiled pasta.

shanxi pasta

Shanxi pasta food has three major stresses: one on sauce, two on food dishes, three on seasoning. The toppings are fried sauce, brine, dipping materials, soup and so on. There are many dishes, such as mountain delicacies, seafood, local dishes and so on. The spices vary according to the season. They are full of sweet, sour, bitter, spicy and salty. In addition to the special flavor of Shanxi vinegar, there are chili oil, sesame sauce, mung bean sprouts, leek flowers and so on. There are also many patterns in food preparation methods, such as knife noodles, pulled noodles, pulled fish and so on. They are not only unique in shape, but also different in taste.

shanxi flower buns