Yunnan rice-flour noodles

rice-flour noodles

Yunnan rice-flour noodles,A special snack in Yunnan, southern Yunnan, is a Dian cuisine. It originated in Mengzi, and was made from soup, seasoning, pork fillet, pork slices and so on.


Legend has it that in the Qing Dynasty, a scholar from Mengzi City in Southern Yunnan went to study on the lake island. The scholar's wife often made his favorite rice noodles and sent them to him for dinner. But when he went out to the island, the rice noodles were no longer hot. Later, his wife improved the rice noodles and they were imitated one after another because she wanted to cross a bridge on the island to commemorate the sage wife, she was named "cross-bridge rice noodles" (There are two versions of legend.)

Authentic rice noodles, first of all the soup in Stone pot, have a high temperature, because the rice noodles are heated by the high temperature of the soup; then the rice noodles, which have been washed and processed; finally, the rice noodles shining across the bridge can be served with more than a dozen kinds of vegetables, including chicken, vegetables, pork, eggs, ingredients and side dishes.

When rice noodles are served, the waiter will enthusiastically put the side dishes into the soup in an orderly way in a stone pot, followed by rice noodles, and then wait. Because the side dishes and rice noodles need to be heated by the temperature of the stone pot soup. In a few minutes you will be able to taste authentic rice noodles across the bridge. (PS: With special sesame oil, it tastes good.)

Yunnan rice-flour noodles
Yunnan rice-flour noodles

Crossing-bridge rice noodles are no longer traditional single ingredients. Now, many kinds of rice noodles have been developed, such as seafood rice noodles, chicken steak rice noodles and plain rice noodles.