Origin of Dongpo Meat in Hangzhou


Dongpo meat, also known as Gun meat, Dongpo meat thin skin tender meat, red and bright color, mellow and juicy, crisp and fragile, sticky but not greasy, is the characteristics of traditional dishes in the South of the Yangtze River.

In the fourth year of Yuanyou (1089 AD), Su Shi came to Hangzhou to serve as the prefecture of knowledge after fifteen years of separation. During the five-year period of May and June in Yuanyou, heavy rains continued in the western part of Zhejiang Province, Taihu Lake flooded and crops were flooded. Su Shi took effective measures as soon as possible, which made the people of Western Zhejiang pass through the most difficult period. He organized migrant workers to dredge the West Lake and build dykes and bridges to make the old look of the West Lake new. People in Hangzhou are very grateful to Su Shi for his good deeds. Everyone praises him as a wise parent official. People heard that he liked pork best when he was in Xuzhou and Huangzhou, so during the Spring Festival, everyone gave him a new year's greeting. When Su Shi received it, he instructed his family to cut the meat into cubes and cook it red and crisp. Then he gave it to the migrant workers who participated in dredging the West Lake. After eating it, everyone was amazed. He kindly called the meat "Dongpo meat".

Dongpo Meat

Today, Dongpo meat is not limited to Hangzhou. Besides Hangzhou, Huangzhou, Yongxiu, Yangzhou, Suzhou and Dali in Yunnan all have their own characteristics.