Fu Xi


Fu xi, one of the three emperors, was the founder of Chinese culture. According to legend, fuxi people head snake body, and nu wa brother and sister marriage, bearing children, he according to the changes in the universe, the invention of the divination of the eight diagrams, the creation of a written end to the "knot rope chronicle" history. He also knot rope for the net, used to catch birds and hunt, and taught people the method of fishing and hunting, invented the Se(A musical instrument), composed music.

Fu Xi

Legend has it that a girl named "Hua Xu" went to a place called Lei Ze to play. Occasionally she saw a huge footprint and stepped on it curiously. Then she became pregnant and gave birth to a son twelve years later. The son had a snake's body and human head, named Fuxi.

Fuxi took the body of python, crocodile's head, antlers of stags, tigers'eyes, scales of red carp, legs of giant lizards, claws of eagles, tails of white sharks, whiskers of baleen whales, and created the totem loong of the Chinese nation, from which the descendants of loong came.

eight trigrams

Fuxi looks up at the clouds in the sky, it rains, it snows, it thunders and flashes, looks down at the wind blowing on the earth, has the fog and observes the birds and beasts, according to the theory of the change of Yin and Yang between heaven and earth, created the eight trigrams, namely with eight kinds of simple but profound symbols to summarize the things between heaven and earth. He imitated the spider in the nature to make a net, which was used for fishing and hunting. He also created an alternative to tying knots in a rope.