Look, listen, question and feel the pulse -- four ways of diagnosis

four ways of diagnosis

Look, listen, question and feel the pulse are called the four diagnostic methods of traditional Chinese medicine. They were summarized by Bian Que, a famous Chinese doctor, more than two thousand years ago. Their methods have been used to remove diseases for patients.

Look, refers to the doctor observes the patient's spirit, manner, five viscera Qi and blood external manifestations, physical weakness and eyes, mouth, nose, skin, tongue coating and other parts, from the external situation to understand the patient's condition. listen, refers to the doctor from the patient's voice, breath, cough, halitosis, runny nose, excreta and other information on the patient's condition, the doctor through subtle observation, can know the cause of viscera or other parts. Question: Doctors ask patients about their living habits, medical history and condition. Cut, refers to the signal pulse. Doctors understand the operation of patients'viscera by means of pulse. The slow, urgent, deep and shallow pulse of human beings are the basis for doctors to understand the condition of patients.

Bian Que

In traditional Chinese medicine, the four diagnostic methods are used in combination. They are not isolated, but interrelated and integrated to find out the cause of the patient accurately.