The fate of zodiac Horse in 2020

zodiac Horse

In 2020, the year of GengZi rat is the year of zodiac horse. The Earthly Branch of zodiac horse is the year of Wu fire. In terms of the Earthly Branch, the water and fire of Wu collide with each other. That is to say, the Earthly Branch of zodiac horse collides with the Earthly Branch of current year, which is often called the year of 'Collide TaiSui'. Therefore, there are many changes in the luck of zodiac horse this year. No matter how hard they work or live, they will work hard.


The career of zodiac horse in 2020 is still very good, and the career fortune has a rising momentum, but the rising range is closely related to their own efforts, but it is better to handle everything in a low-key way, not to highlight themselves, and pay attention to the good relations with colleagues around them.


This year's zodiac horse health is not ideal. The Earthly Branch Zi and Earthly Branch of Wu collide with each other. means that the feet are easy to be injured. If you have old problems with your feet, you should pay more attention to the old problems when you walk on the mountains or when you go up and down the stairs. People who like running and football should be more alert. Otherwise, they will sprain their ankles, knees and waist bones. In addition, when you are too old, you need to pay more attention to safety issues. Drivers should abide by the road rules to avoid injuries caused by vehicle collisions. This year, you can improve your health luck by washing teeth, donating blood, or giving medicine.


It is also difficult for the zodiac horse people's wealth to have a good momentum of development in this year. In 2020, the wealth and profits of the zodiac horse people who are engaged in business will be much smaller than those of the previous years. In addition, they will spend a lot on entertainment, gifts, child support and other aspects, and their economic burden will be increased. People who are keen on investment must learn to diversify their investment. It is not advisable to put all the funds on the same stock so as not to lose money. It's good for zodiac horse people to go out more or travel more, and business operators are also suitable to expand overseas market, so they can easily break through.


This year's love affair of zodiac horse people is in a state of depression for most of the time. This year's love affair of single zodiac horse people is very bad. They have a very low sense in activities such as dinner party, friends meeting, party, etc. they seldom make friends with the same aspiration, and they are hard to meet the desired object. They may as well place their love on work, which can add color to life. Married zodiac horse people will get together with their lovers for business trip, busy work and other reasons this year. At the same time, they often have quarrels because of their children's education, social intercourse, personality incompatibility and other reasons. It is necessary to calm down and communicate well, so as not to have a gap, which is detrimental to their feelings.