The fate of zodiac Loong in 2020

zodiac loong

The Earthly Branch of loong people is ChenTu. In the year of GengZi rat in 2020, Zi is half Three appropriate with Chen(The earth branch of loong), which is for the three noble people to care their orders. Zi sees Chen, which is for the financial star to enter the warehouse. The financial fortune of zodiac loong people in 2020 is good. However, affected by [Fei Lian], [disease sign], this year's zodiac loong people will often have quarrels in the workplace, which will add some troubles to the zodiac loong people and also consume energy. At the same time, due to the upright and upright character of the zodiac loong people, they are often pinched by the small and medium-sized people in the workplace, which causes more trouble for the zodiac loong people to carry out their work.

Wealth Luck

The fortune of zodiac loong people will be very good in 2020, because they love to invest in earlier years, and the assets of zodiac loong people will become more intangible. And zodiac loong people will start to believe in their own luck in this year, so as to buy some lottery tickets. Although they won't win any first prize, they can also gain a lot of wealth. However, zodiac loong people must be careful in their financial management, save while save, and should not pursue perfection too much, so as not to increase the economic burden.


This year, the health situation of the zodiac loong people is flat, and people with poor physique are easy to be plagued by disasters, especially when the season is changing and the virus is prevalent, they should take extra care. If there are elderly people belonging to the zodiac loong family, it's better to check them regularly at ordinary times to ensure their health; at the same time, it's necessary to supplement them with the nutrition they need in daily life to help improve their immunity and reduce the probability of disease. At the same time, regardless of age, zodiac loong people need to pay attention to the problem of injury caused by falls. When contacting sharp weapons or carrying out high-risk activities, they must pay attention to safety to avoid unnecessary injuries to skin, muscles, joints and other aspects.

Career Luck

Zodiac loong career situation this year fluctuates greatly, and there will be many obstacles in its development, which can be said to be mixed. Zodiac loong in the workplace can meet the opportunity of self-expression in their career, and also easily stand out in the fierce competition. But at the same time, due to the influence of the injured official star, they often encounter the right and wrong, villain, rebellion and other events in the office, which makes the image of Longmen in front of the leaders suffer a certain degree of damage. In this case, it is necessary to strengthen the ability of observation and analysis and contingency to avoid adverse impact on the development of the cause. At the same time, no matter in the workplace or in business, the zodiac loong people need to put some attention on enhancing interpersonal relationship this year. More learning, more social interaction and expanding the circle of friends are very helpful to career and life.


This year, the zodiac loong people's emotional fortunes are very strong, surrounded by a variety of peach flowers(means good luck in adventures with women or men), which is very beneficial for single zodiac loong friends. If we can seize the opportunity and make decisive moves when meeting the right person, we will have a sweet relationship this year. However, it should be noted that the zodiac loong girl must polish her eyes when choosing the object of communication. She should not be deceived by the illusion in front of her eyes. It will be unimaginable to provoke the rotten peach blossom. As for the zodiac loong girl who has an object, she should be careful not to have too much luck in peach blossom(means good luck in adventures with women or men), which will lead to the third party's involvement in feelings or marriage.