The fate of zodiac Monkey in 2020

zodiac monkey

In the year of GengZi in 2020, because of the triple relationship between the earthly branch of Shen Gold and the GengZi, the overall situation of the year is relatively flat and smooth. Although there are some obstacles and troubles in the work and life of zodiac monkey people, they can be solved smoothly with the help of noble people and friends. However, in this year, zodiac monkey people need to be careful to deal with the possible changes in life and work.


In 2020, the Chinese Zodiac monkey entered the life of the noble and strengthened its career. This year, they ability can be recognized by the company and their personal ability can be reflected. In 2020, Zodiac monkey people can easily get good results in work and earn a lot of wealth income. However, they should be careful not to work under pressure, which may lead to emotional distress and even depression. The year of the rat must learn to relax and travel more to relax, so as to avoid extra troubles.


Zodiac monkey in the year of gengzi has a disaster star which is 'white tiger', which is easy to be injured and hurted. They should be on guard against hand and foot injuries. They should not carry out mountain climbing, rock climbing, diving and other high-risk activities. At ordinary times, they must pay attention to a reasonable diet. They should not drink, drink or fight alcohol. They should try to eat less spicy, greasy food and junk food. At the same time, regular physical examination is also needed to avoid hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia and other problems.


The overall situation of zodiac monkey people in the year of rat is still stable, and their career is not bad. Some zodiac monkey people can increase a lot of extra income through investment, bonus and other ways, and this year's income is very considerable. It should be reminded that you should not be complacent because of your wealth. In addition to spending on daily life, zodiac monkey people will encounter many unexpected situations, or they are in urgent need of financial support, which is easy to affect or disrupt their financial situation and plans. It is suggested to make a reasonable consumption and financial planning.


Stepping into the year of GengZi, no matter the peach blossom of men and women can be described as plain as water, the emotional fate can only be described by stepping in place. Even if a single woman meets a man who is suitable, but her feelings progress slowly, she always feels that the other person is totally different from her own values and ideas, so her attitude is ambiguous and difficult to further. Married men and women should pay more attention to their other half's health. In the year of the rat, both are prone to small disputes over trivial matters at home. In addition, personal emotions are prone to fidgety and uneasy, which makes the relationship between the two parties more tense. Remember to communicate frankly with each other, tolerate each other, and take a step back to resolve disputes.