The fate of zodiac Ox in 2020

Zodiac Ox in 2020

In 2020, the year of GengZi is the year of the ox. as the earth branch of the ox is 'Chou', it coincides with the fleeting time Zi(GengZi), and it is for the noble people to visit. At the same time, Zishui is the wealth star of the ox people. Therefore, the ox people of the Chinese Zodiac are lucky this year. Especially for those who do business and seek wealth, it represents that the noble people help and the wealth is good.


In 2020, Heavenly Stem is Gengjin, as a eater god of ox people, represents eloquence and wisdom, so it's like a fish in water to be engaged in sales, public relations or earning money by mouth. While the earth branch of Gengzi is a noble star, most people have good opportunities for promotion, and the salary increase may not be as ideal. Although people born in October and November of the lunar calendar have the most pressure on their work, their career is also the best, with good space for progress.


This year's fortunes of the zodiac ox people are going well, because the fortunes will be more satisfactory the fleeting time wealth stars coincide. So it's natural that the partial wealth is relatively prosperous, which is conducive to project cooperation, or the partial wealth will take the initiative to find itself, such as gambling, marketing planning, project investment, sometimes speculation can also gain, of course, whether it's investment or speculation, it's also necessary to moderately grasp itself.


This year, the single women who zodiac ox have better luck than men, especially the women born in October and November of the lunar calendar. They will meet the opposite sex in different occasions, but step by step. Don't be too anxious to scare each other. Men's peach blossom is dim, because of excessive focus on work, there is not much desire for love.


Overall health is not too strong injury hidden dangers, but there are always different seasons of birth, such as people born in October and November lunar calendar, there will be mental tension, anxiety and other problems, might as well go out more, can relieve pressure. At the same time need to pay attention to hypertension and cholesterol; Take more time to do sports, in addition to increase immunity, but also the opportunity to lose pounds.