The fate of zodiac Rabbit in 2020

zodiac rabbit

In the year of GengZi in 2020, due to the punishment of the Earthly Branch Zi and the Mao, this leads to the poor fortune of zodiac rabbit people this year, and all aspects will encounter different degrees of obstacles. It is suggested that in the year of the rat, they should adjust mentality, not give up their persistence and efforts for many years due to setbacks, and not rush to seek and then choose radical means. In a word, they should deal with difficulties rationally and believe that as long as they work hard, the situation will not be too bad.

Career Luck

In the case of relatively low annual fortune, the career fortune of zodiac rabbit people will become a few bright spots. With magnate help, this year's career has been relatively smooth, and all work has been completed excellently, recognized by the boss and laid the foundation for your future development. At the beginning, the trend is good, but when the business goes on for some time, there will be some accidents. For example, there will be fierce competitors. In 2020, the rabbit people should reserve their own business process.


By 2020, the love of the zodiac rabbit people will be prosperous. The zodiac rabbit people who have paid a lot for their love will do more to protect their love in this year. Single women's peach blossom is better than men's, they will meet a lot of attractive opposite sex, and they can develop new love. Both men and women have the opportunity to find the right person in the office, and develop from colleagues to lovers. You may as well pay more attention. Married men and women need to pay more attention to the health of their partners, and should not be overly enthusiastic about the opposite sex, otherwise it is easy to cause triangular relations.


Health is affected by the Tai Sui. In addition to a lot of diseases, we should also pay attention to the problems related to knee, waist and bone. We can properly take some regular health care products that are good for the body and check them in time. Zodiac rabbit people should not go to dangerous places, and activities related to mountains and water, such as climbing and water skiing, should also be avoided as much as possible, otherwise it is easy to fall and sprain.

Wealth Luck

Zodiac rabbit people's financial fortune in 2020 is not ideal. In terms of money, they often run counter to their own wishes. In particular, some zodiac rabbit people who are not particularly good at financial management should develop reasonable consumption habits and know their financial situation at any time. There will be no profit or loss in 2020. For business people, they should always pay attention to the changes in the market this year, and pay close attention to the trend of competitors. They should be on guard against their own weaknesses.