The fate of zodiac Rat in 2020

zodiac rat

In 2020, it is the year of GengZi mouse in the lunar calendar. In 2020, the year of GengZi is from January 25, 2020 to February 11, 2021 in the Gregorian calendar, and leap April in the lunar calendar (two lunar April).

In the year of GengZi , zodiac rats are born in the year of gengzi, and they belong to the year of Taisui. Affected by this, the overall situation is mixed. Many bad things happen frequently, with serious harm and extensive coverage. They should be more careful in everything. If you want to make a difference in your work, you should stick to your post conscientiously, rely on your heart wisdom and good luck to resolve, and pass the year smoothly. In the aspect of emotion, the number of variables of zodiac rats increases, which leads to emotional instability and emotional instability between lovers or partners, and it is easy to produce inexplicable strangeness in the heart. Single people have little chance of getting off the list. In addition, They need to pay attention to the physical health problems. Under the high-intensity work, the body will inevitably be unable to bear it. It is suggested that they should pay attention to the combination of work and rest, learn to adjust mentality and release pressure, not be too impatient in everything, and know how to think calmly and deal with problems. In 2020, there will also be a big gap in the wealth of rat friends. The personal income is often lower than the required expenditure, and the probability of breaking the wealth is significantly increased. It is suggested that they should make a good plan, and reasonable consumption will reduce the loss.

Although the luck is not good due to the influence of Taisui, it is very beneficial for the zodiac rat to encounter the "Zhengyin" star in 2020. Therefore, the wealth is quite lucky, which is conducive to the promotion of welfare treatment. It is easy to have happy events like real estate. It is easy to make profits because of qualification certificates, or because of the female elders. It is easy to get profits in financial projects or hardware projects, and it is easy to get the increase of deposits. This is not in contradiction with the poor fortune mentioned above. When wealth is acquired, wealth can be acquired. When wealth is lost, wealth is still lost, which cannot be offset.