The Difference between Pottery and Porcelain:The Difference between Pottery and Porcelain

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Ceramics has a history of thousands of years in China. People often associate pottery with porcelain. In fact, they are two different concepts, which should be strictly divided into pottery and porcelain. Pottery and porcelain are two different things, but they are closely related. Primitive porcelain was developed from pottery. China used pottery in the primitive society of the Neolithic Age about 10,000 years ago. The earliest pieces of porcelain found today came from the Shang Dynasty. The firing methods of pottery and porcelain are also similar, and the appearance of porcelain is thousands of years later than that of pottery.

The first difference between pottery and porcelain lies in the firing temperature. The firing temperature of pottery is between 800 and 1100 degrees Celsius. Because excessive temperature will melt SiO 2, the firing temperature is generally below 1200 degrees Celsius, while the firing temperature of pottery is between 1200 degrees Celsius and 1400 degrees Celsius. Secondly, the raw materials are different. The raw materials for pottery production are relatively common. Without special requirements, ordinary clay can be used. But the raw materials for porcelain are relatively special. The production of pottery requires kaolin, which only exists in some areas, so they are also different in raw materials. The other is that the appearance of finished products is different, the pottery is simple to make, the appearance is relatively rough, the color is dim, there are variegated, when knocked, it emits a muffled sound, while the porcelains are strictly workmanship, exquisite appearance, compact, smooth feel, bright color, and crisp sound when knocked.


Pottery and porcelain are different, but there is an inseparable relationship between them. In the final analysis, porcelain is developed from pottery. It is the progress and leap of pottery. Pottery and pottery are the blend of fire and earth. So this is what people often call ceramics when they combine pottery and porcelain together.

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