HuoShenShan(Fire god mountain) and LeiShenShan(Thunder god mountain)

HuoShenShan LeiShenShan

In the coming of the traditional Chinese new year, in 2020, China has encountered a serious new type of pneumonia epidemic. In a short period of time, the epidemic spread and the number of infected people have increased dramatically. In the face of the severe epidemic, under the care of the Chinese government, the Chinese people and the enthusiastic people all over the world, China has launched a fierce struggle with the disease. The outbreak originated in Wuhan, China. In a short period of time, the number of infected people doubled, resulting in inadequate capacity of hospitals in Wuhan, Hubei Province. In order to solve the problem, the Chinese government plans to build two hospitals within nine days for the treatment of infected patients, and named them "HuoShenShan(transliteration, English translation to: Fire god mountain)" and "LeiShenShan(transliteration, English translation to: Thunder god mountain)". Many people wonder why these two hospitals take such a mysterious name In fact, these two names are closely related to the traditional Chinese culture of Feng Shui of The book of changes and traditional Chinese medicine.

This epidemic is called new pneumonia. As the name implies, it is a lung disease. In traditional Chinese medicine, the lung belongs to gold element, the lung is damaged, which is equivalent to the consumption of the five elements of gold element. In 2020, the year of gengzi, the heavenly stem is geng, the five elements of gold; the earthly branch is zi, the five elements of water, the year of tiangan, the year of gold; the year of gengzi, the earth Items affected. The gold energy consumption needs to be supplemented, and the energy loss of the five elements of gold needs to have corresponding five elements to produce the five elements of gold. In the five elements, the soil element generates gold element. Therefore, the two newly built hospitals in Wuhan have "mountain", "mountain" in the five elements belong to the five elements of soil, and in the eight diagrams, "mountains" is the gen diagram, which means to stop the transmission of the virus. Some people may say that the fire energy in name of "HuoShenShan(Fire god mountain)" can restrain gold, which has the opposite effect. In the five elements, there is the characteristic of would rather generate not restrain. In HuoShenShan, the fire five elements generate the five elements of soil, and the soil five elements generate the five elements of gold. In LeiShenShan(Thunder god mountain), the thunder belongs to Zhen diagram, and the five elements of Zhen diagram belong to wood element. In 2020, the earth branch is Zi Shui(water), which happens to be in month which earthly branches is Hai and Zi during the outbreak of the epidemic. At this time, the water energy in Zi is the strongest, and the water five element energy is the strongest Too much water needs to be consumed, wood element can consume the energy of water element.

At the same time, Hubei is the birthplace of the ancient Chu state, and the Fire God is the God of the ancient Chu people, with the implication of eliminating disasters and diseases; the God of thunder is the God of punishing sins, so there are also mythological elements.