Plum-Blossome-I (Mei Hua Yi Shu)

Plum-Blossome-I / Mei Hua Yi Shu

Plum-Blossome-I(in chinese pinyin:Mei Hua Yi Shu) is a technique of divination based on the theory of the book of changes. It is a Book of divination based on the mathematics in the book of changes and combined with the "iconography" in the book of changes. It can predict the development trend of things through the transformation of images and numbers by using all the factors such as time, geography, people, voice and color. It is said that it was written by Shao Kangjie, the sage of Yi studies in Song Dynasty, but some scholars think it was written by Shao Kangjie's disciples, whose main content is described by Shao Kangjie.

Plum-Blossome-I operation method is simple, not only has high accuracy, but also has rich application scenarios. It can help you find the lost things quickly, predict the outcome of the game, and know in advance whether an investment has a future. Learning the Plum-Blossome-I can go beyond the limit of human rational thinking, so as to predict random small probability events, so as to help us make better decisions. Learning the number of changes of plum blossom can enter the phenomenon from the skill and understand the principle of world operation. It is a skill that all learners of Book of Changes must learn at the beginning.

On the whole, Plum-Blossome-I has a regular action just like other divination and prediction.Divination -- Analysis -- similitude -- conclusion, In addition, at the upper level of the normal, there will also be a Philosophical inspiration, which has a certain guiding significance for life; but these are different from the thinking height of researchers, and everyone has their own understanding and inference.

Book of changes 64 divinatories
five elements

Learning the Plum-Blossome-I must learn the basic knowledge of the book of changes, including Yin and Yang, the five elements, the eight diagrams and so on. There are two ways to start divination about Plum-Blossome-I: the innate divination and the acquired divination. Innate divination is related to yin-yang and five elements, while acquired divination needs to be combined with I ching. When using the Plum-Blossome-I divination, there is a need for major links, such as no doubt not divination, obviously knowing the result of things not divination.