Qian as heaven,The qian diagram of the book of changes

Qian as heaven

The Qian diagram, the first diagram in the book of changes, is composed of six Yang Yao (solid line), and the Qian diagram is composed of two single Qian diagrams. Through the images of "heaven" and "loong", qian diagram explains the essence of "manly" and "strong" and the law of development and change of things. Qian diagram is pure Yang, and the spiritual essence of qian diagram is to encourage people to follow the vigorous and hard work of "heaven" and forge ahead.

The original explanation of qian diagram

Yuan refers to the root of source, primitive and all things; Heng refers to prosperity and success; Li refers to profit and achievement; Zhen refers to chastity, high morality and righteousness. Yuan/Hen/Li/Zhen is the law of the development of all things. From the beginning, development, to the persistence of struggle, growth and achievement, we should maintain high moral character after the achievement, and can't do anything against morality, so as to keep the prosperity and smooth all the time.

The explanations of six trigrams

First nine: time is not mature, need to wait for the opportunity, can't be aggressive;

Nine two: After time and experience accumulation, we have the ability to make a career. We should take the initiative to find opportunities to cooperate with others and achieve our own career;

Nine three: A man of ability and virtue is always diligent in the day and self-examination in the night. Although he is in a difficult situation, he can solve it even if he encounters difficulties;

Nine four: In the stage of career or growth, it may encounter difficulties and obstacles, and it may develop smoothly. As long as it is adjusted according to the actual situation, it is necessary to choose appropriate opportunities to get rid of difficulties;

Nine five: Just like the loong flying in the sky, the talented people have finally ushered in the opportunity to make great achievements after some efforts. Both status and intelligence have reached the mature stage;

Above nineļ¼šThings should be adjusted and converged when they develop to a certain height. If they continue to develop unchecked, they will encounter disasters. Everything needs to be controlled.

In the book of changes, Yang Yao is called nine, Yin Yao is called six. From the bottom to the top, trigrams are called the first nine/sixe, nine/sixe two, nine/sixe three, nine/sixe four,  nine/sixe five and the above nine/sixe.