The first part of acquired Eight Diagrams -- Qian diagram

Qian diagram

After introducing the acquired eight diagrams, you may have a lot of doubts. Maybe you don't understand why the acquired eight diagrams can predict things and judge good and bad, just like the saying in the book of changes: "there is Tai Chi in Yi, which is the birth of two forms , two forms generates four shapes, and four shapes generates Eight Diagrams". All things in the world are inseparable from the natural law, and everything has mutual influence with our living environment, including Each of us. The book of changes and the eight trigrams are summed up according to the most basic elements of all things in the world, namely: Heaven, earth, water, fire, thunder, marsh, mountain and wind. Just as any living thing needs to live, it can't live without the sky and the water, the source of our earth and life.

This time, we will introduce the first diagram, the qian diagram. Please note that what we are introducing here is the single diagram in the acquired eight diagrams, not the diagram in the book of changes. The book of changes introduces the duplicated-diagram, which is composed of two single diagram. We will keep updating the diagram in the future.

Qian diagram is the only pure Yang diagram in the eight trigrams. The pure Yang diagram is composed of three solid lines (''). Qian diagram ranks first in the congenital eight trigrams and the sixth in acquired eight diagrams. In the family, Qian diagram represents the head of the family, such as the old father; in the family of two people, Qian diagram represents the husband; in the work, Qian diagram represents the leader and the boss; in the human body, Qian diagram represents the head Face, bone; in geographical position, the qian diagram represents the Northwest with you as the center; of course, the most obvious is heaven. In a word, the things represented by the qian diagram have main, key, leadership, authority and other characteristics.

Qian diagram

For example, if the northwest corner of a family's house lacked or kitchen is located in the northwest of the house, then the husband or father's career or health of the family has a high probability of being in a bad state. Of course, it is not certain.Geomantic omen inference depends on a lot of information. Here is just an example. In real life, Geomantic omen prediction and judgment are good or bad Many information factors need to be considered.

Qian diagram represents the year of the pig and the year of the dog in the lunar calendar, and the five elements of qian diagram belong to the gold. Therefore, qian diagram also represents the month and the day of the gold element in the local branches. The color of qian diagram is white. The shape of qian diagram represents a circle, such as the White House in the United States, which is like a ball, which just symbolizes the leadership and authority of qian diagram.