Why chinese people like 1,6,8 and 9?


As the saying goes: "Fengshui turns around in turn, and I will come to my home this year." We can know from this sentence that the good and bad luck of Fengshui changes all the time, and the Fengshui changes with the passage of time. Therefore, every year there is a saying about the layout of LiuNian(Fleeting time) fengshui, which is particularly popular in the south of China, called "TianXing Fengshui"(transliteration).

The nine stars used in the TianXing Fengshui come from the Big Dipper. Many people think that Big Dipper with seven star? What does it have to do with nine stars? In fact, in addition to the seven big stars, the Big Dipper star has two small stars, which are called ZuoFu(transliteration) star and YouBi(transliteration) star, so nine stars.


These nine stars are: one-white TanLang(transliteration) mercury; two-black JuMen(transliteration) Saturn; three-cyan LuCun(transliteration) Jupiter, also known as ChiYou(transliteration) star; four-green WenChang(transliteration) Jupiter; five-yellow Lianzhen(transliteration) Saturn; six-white Wuqu(transliteration) Venus; seven Red-PoJun(transliteration) Venus; eight -white ZuoFu(transliteration) Saturn; nine-purple YouBi(transliteration) Mars. Nine stars are also called purple-white flying stars. They have good and bad luck. Generally speaking, purple and white are lucky stars. 1、6、8 are white stars, 9 is purple star. So people like numbers or combinations of 1, 6, 8, 9, such as 168, 888, 999 .etc.Most of the rest are ferocious stars, of which two-black and five-yellow Saturn are the most unlucky. Five-yellow is the major disaster star, two-black is the minor disaster star.

One-white TanLang star

The first star is called one-white TanLang star,which is a lucky star. Five elements belong to water. A white star represents official promotion, fame, number one scholar in the middle, official fortune and financial fortune when it is prosperous. At the time of bad luck, broke money and damaged family, and even suffered from venereal disease, terminal illness and exile.

Six-white Wuqu star

The sixth star is called six-white Wuqu star and five elements belong to gold. Six-white stars are partial wealth stars. Together with one white star and eight white stars, they are called three-wealth stars. When the six-white star in good fortune,with good fortune and healthy family. When the six-white star is in bad fortune, they are the stars that lose their wealth and can ruin their families.

Eight-white ZuoFu star

The eighth star is called the eight-white ZuoFu star which is a auspicious star. The five elements belong to the soil. When the eight white stars are in great fortune, they can bring fame and wealth. eight-white ZuoFu star is the first lucky star among the nine stars. When the star was in decline, it lost its wealth and righteousness, plague prevailed and lost its wealth.

Nine-purple YouBi star

The ninth star is called nine-purple YouBi star and five elements belong to fire. nine-purple YouBi star is a first-class celebration star and love star, representing peach blossom popularity and Tianyi Magnate(transliteration), good for estate and construction. However, when the star was in decline, it was also responsible for fire, explosion, heart disease, eye disease and bleeding.