Distance tests a horse's stamina,Time reveals a man's heart

Distance tests a horse's stamina

From the Yuan Dynasty "Zheng Bao En", the original text:”wo shao bu de bao da jie jie zhi en,ke bu dao lu yao zhi ma li, ri jiu jian ren xin(chinses pinyin)”.


It takes a long journey to know the strength of the horse, and a long time to see the good or bad of the hearts of the people. It takes a long time to figure out whether a person's heart is good or bad or whether friendship is true or not.

Time reveals a man's heart


In ancient times, there were two people, Luyao and Mali. They were very good friends. Although they are both rich children and poor peasant children, they have become very good friends because of their similar interests. But as they get older and older, they soon reach the age of marrying and having children. Because Luyao family is a big family, they are not worried about marrying a wife at all, but the horsepower family is very poor. Few matchmakers come to their homes to ask for marriage. It's not easy. A girl saw horsepower, but her parents were unwilling, so she offered Betrothal gifts. These sad horsepower, he first thought of his brother Lu Yao, when Lu Yao heard that horsepower wanted to borrow money from him, he agreed without saying a word, but he put forward a condition.Lu yao said, "I can lend you some money, but I have one condition, that is, I will replace you three days before the wedding. If you promise, I will lend you some money."Ma Li's mood suddenly changed from gratitude to anger. This anger was not only because he was insulted by Lu Yao, but also because I thought you were my brother, but you wanted to sleep with my wife. As the saying goes, "Friend's wife can't be deceived." So he left Lu Yao's home angrily. When he saw that Ma Li couldn't get any money, the parents of the girl began to find her matchmaker again. Ma Li saw that. But the thought that he might have to fight for a lifetime of bachelor, that is, he went to Lu Yao's home. After Lu Yao borrowed money for Ma Li, after receiving the betrothal  gift, Ma Li married his wife smoothly. Although he was angry, he also kept his promise. He left the wedding room to read in the study and let Lu Yao enter the cave for him. For these three days, Ma Li spent all night reading in order to forget the humiliation. On the fourth day, he returned to his room, but there were no flowers in the cave. The joy of candles, as soon as it was dark, she covered the quilt and went to bed. The bride was furious when she looked at it. She said to Ma Li, "Xianggong, have I done something wrong? If you are not satisfied with me, you can stop me." Ma Li heard his wife's words and said in a panic: "No, ma'am."

The wife say again that why you after marriage first three days, all go to study study, today you be willing to step into marriage house but again pour head big sleep!" Ma li heard his wife's words, immediately froze, thinking for a moment to understand, lu yao just joked with himself.

Later after efforts to study, earning the fame, and made a big officer in the national capital, and lu yao have change in the home, come down, see life is difficult, lu yao thought of brothers, he and his wife, after discussing, the city alone to find horsepower, horsepower see lu yao, warm hospitality him, gave him a lot of money. Let him have capital to turn over, after a few days, ma li says with lu yao, you also came a few days, had better go back quickly, lest sister worry! Lu yao when he heard that it is, just pick up the bags and hurry to go home, but come home only to find that hung on the door white silk, it seemed that the funeral happened again, lu yao thought what happened to his wife, hurriedly came into the room, only to find that his wife and children are kneeling in front of a coffin to cry, when I saw him come in, still scared to move back, after explaining the wife didn't believe he is alive, the original HP in retaliation for the joke on lu yao in his early years, also played a joke on lu yao, see the coffin in addition to gold and silver, and a piece of paper to a top write a way: " You left my wife alone in an empty house, I let you wife crying heartbroken".