Thousands of thousands of horses and soldiers

Terra Cotta Warriors

Thousands of thousands of horses and soldiers ,The pronunciation is qiān jūn wàn mǎ In Chinese, it means a strong team or a great momentum.


“Liang ·Biography of Chen Qing”:”Ming Shi Da Jiang Mo Zi Lao,Qian Bing Wan Ma Bi Zi Pao”(Chinese Pinyin).


During the Northern and Southern Dynasties, Emperor Liang Wudi ordered General Chen Qingzhi to lead the army to expel the Northern Wei Dynasty. One of Chen Qing's routes was invincible. He attacked Xingyang city all the time. He inspired morale and defeated 300,000 Wei troops with 7,000 people and went straight to Luoyang. His officers and men in white robes are very powerful.