Rainwater is the second of 24 solar terms, which reflects the phenomenon of precipitation. During the Rainwater, the temperature began to rise slowly. The ice and snow began to melt and the precipitation increased. The piercing cold wind gradually disappeared. The spring wind was blowing. The gentle sunshine and light rain were coming.

Rainwater season is generally around the 15th day of the first lunar month in China. At this time, the direct point of the sun is approaching the equator from the southern hemisphere. With the increase of sunshine time in the northern hemisphere, the temperature rises faster, but the cold currents from the northern hemisphere are also very active, which leads to the uncertain weather in the Rainwater and makes the precipitation increase gradually. The rainwater is mainly light rain. In addition, cold and heat alternation is prone to flu and other diseases, so people need to do a good job of health care, clothing should pay attention to warm and cold, after all, the temperature difference between morning and evening is still very large.


In the Rainwater, because of the low temperature in the morning, dew, frost and so on, people should pay attention to nourishing the spleen and stomach, dispelling wind and removing dampness. In daily life, people can eat honey, jujube, yam, tremella and so on to regulate their body functions.