The waking of insects

The waking of insects

The waking of insects, the third of the 24 solar terms, is usually around February 1 of the lunar calendar. The waking of insects means that spring thunder awakens hibernating insects beneath the ground.

From the beginning of the waking of insects, the weather warmed up faster, the weather was thunderstorms, at this time the weather was mainly mild, the cold currents in the North basically disappeared, everything on the earth recovered, and signs of spring slowly appeared before people's eyes. At the same time, farmers will grab the time to farm when the weather permits. The farmland is busy. The grass on the roadside sprouts and the peach blossoms show pink flowers.

peach blossom

Although the temperature has warmed up during this period, we still have to pay attention to cold prevention and warmth preservation; during this period, people are prone to feel sleepy, tired and listless, which is what the Chinese people call "spring sleepiness". "Spring sleepiness" is not a disease, but it affects people's work and study, so in addition to ensuring adequate sleep and rest, we also need to pay attention to diet, eat more vegetable protein, vitamin food, not too greasy.

spring sleepiness