Meng Jiangnu

The Great Wall

The legend about Meng Jiangnu is adapted from a historical fact, which is also one of the four love stories in ancient China. The protagonists in the story are Meng Jiang and Qiliang, and they do exist, not fiction. Meng Jiangnu's legend is adapted with them as the main body.


Legend has it that in the Qin Dynasty, there was an old man Meng and an old man Jiang who lived next to each other. One spring, he planted a gourd seed on the wall of his yard. After careful watering and fertilization, he later produced a gourd of tens of kilograms. When the old man Jiang saw the gourd ripe, he saw a white, fat gourd. There was a little girl lay in it. So Meng and Jiang had a lot of fighting for the girl. Finally, they had to negotiate with the two families to raise the doll together and named it "Meng Jiangnu". In order to consolidate his rule and prevent the invasion of the northern Huns, Emperor Qin Shihuang collected people from all over the country to build the Great Wall. Among them, a scholar named Wan Xiliang was tracked by the government. Wan Xiliang fled to the courtyard of Meng's family to escape the tracing wall and was discovered by Meng Jiangnu. Meng Jiangnu told Meng Laohan that Meng Laohan saw Wan Xiliang.He saw Wan Xiliang as a talented person and knows how to be reasonable, so he married Meng Jiangnu to him. On the day they were married, several officials took Wan Xiliang away to build the Great Wall. Since then, Meng Jiangnu was very sad and cried every day, but there was no news about Wan Xiliang. So Meng Jiangnu inquired about her husband by herself and traveled a long way to the foot of the Great Wall. She knew from her others mouth that her husband had died of fatigue and that her body was nowhere to be found. Meng Jiangnu burst into tears. Suddenly, the sky and the earth were dark and stormy, which caused the Great Wall to collapse one after another. White bones emerged from the Great Wall. Meng Jiangnu recognized her husband's white bones from the pile of white bones. At this time, when Qin Shihuang came to inspect the Great Wall, he saw Meng Jiangnu's beautiful face and had the idea of occupying her. Meng Jiangnu planned to ask for Qin Shihuang to promise her three conditions. Three conditions are indispensable, otherwise we would rather die than follow them. Qin Shihuang was impatient at this time. In order to win the favor of Meng Jiangnu, he promised one by one. But on the day of the sacrifice, Meng Jiangnu jumped into the sea when she finished crying . Emperor Qin Shihuang was furious and ordered the soldiers to salvage immediately. The sea roared and the wind blew everywhere, so the Emperor had to return. It turned out that the Sea Loong King and the princess pitied Meng Jiangnu and ordered the crab soldiers and crabs to go and bring Meng Jiangnu into the Loong Palace.