The door-god - Qinqiong and Jingde


It is said that there is a legend: in the 13th year of Zhenguan of Tang Dynasty, there was a fortune teller named yuan Shoucheng in Chang'an City, who was a fortune teller. He was said to know Yin and Yang and infer life and death. The origin of this man is not simple. He is the uncle of Yuan Tiangang, the Minister of the Tang Dynasty, and Yuan Tiangang is a famous astrologer of the Tang Dynasty.

There are a group of fishermen who live on the Jinghe River outside Chang'an city. Every day, they honor yuan Shoucheng with a big golden carp. Yuan Shoucheng will guide them when and where to fish in the net and not miss. They will catch many aquatic creatures in the Jinghe River. But no why. This matter reached the ear of Loong King of Jinghe. In a rage, he turned into a scholar in white and went to Chang'an to find yuan Shoucheng's trouble.

Yuan Shoucheng's divination in the bustling street of the west gate of Chang'an is very prosperous. When Loong King Jinghe came to the stall, he wanted to argue with Yuan Shoucheng on the spot, but he was shocked by Mr. Yuan Shoucheng's appearance, so he changed his contempt and asked yuan Shoucheng for a divination.

Yuan Shoucheng asked, "what can I do for you."

The Loong King said, "please talk aout the weather. When will it rain?"

Yuan Shoucheng immediately calculated a divination, said: "there are clouds at the top of the mountain, there is fog in the forest, and it will rain tomorrow."

"When will it rain tomorrow? How much will it rain?" said the Loong King

Yuan Shoucheng said: "there will be clouds and fog ay the chen(A way of timing in ancient China) of tomorrow, thunder at the si(A way of timing in ancient China) of tomorrow, rain at wu(A way of timing in ancient China), and rain will stop at wei(A way of timing in ancient China). The rainfall is three feet, three inches and forty-eight points.(A way of measurement in ancient China)"

The Loong King smiled and said, "I can't believe what you said. If there is rain tomorrow, and you say the rain time and rainfall are right, I will send you fifty-two gold as a thank you. If you are not sure, or if the rain time and rainfall do not right, I will tear down your divination stall, smash your signboard, and drive you out of Chang'an. You are not allowed to bewitch people here! "

Yuan Shoucheng happily replied, "you can rest assured that it will rain tomorrow."


Jinghe Loong King thinks that he is the Loong God in charge of the rain. How could yuan Shoucheng know the rain time in the sky before himself? He must have won this gambling match. Who knows just returned to Jinghe Shuifu, Tiangong ordered the rain to come to Chang'an tomorrow. The time of the rain is exactly the same as that of Yuan Shoucheng. Although the Loong King was shocked and sighed that there was such a capable person who knew the world, he was very strong and could not easily give up. His competitive mind made him dizzy, and he decided to change the rainfall time in private and cut off the rainfall.

The next day, the Loong King delayed to release the cloud´╝î It thundered at wu(A way of timing in ancient China) , but it didn't rain at that time. It stopped raining at shen(A way of timing in ancient China) . It rained three feet and forty, changed an hour, and got three inches and eight rain(A way of measurement in ancient China).

After the rain, the loong king turned into a human being. He went to Yuan Shoucheng's divination stall and smashed the stall in one breath. He asked yuan Shoucheng to get out of Chang'an city immediately. But yuan Shoucheng just quietly watched the Loong King smash, sneered and said, "my little divination stall is not worth money, I'm afraid someone has committed a crime of death, but I don't know. I know you. You are not a scholar. You are the Loong King of Jinghe. When you change the time of rains, you reduce the rainfall, and you have made the mistake of heaven. You're going to be killed tomorrow!"

Jinghe Loong King was so flustered that he regretted that he fell to his knees and begged yuan Shoucheng for help.

Yuan Shoucheng sighed, " Tomorrow at the third quarter of wu(A way of timing in ancient China) , you should be beheaded by Wei Zheng, who is the Prime Minister of the dynasty. If you can ask for personal affection from the king of Tang Dynasty, there is still a way to live."

After thanking yuan Shoucheng, Jinghe Loong King hurried to the palace and waited until midnight. After Li Shimin, the king of Tang, had a dream, Loong King dived into Li Shimin's dream and said, "help me, your majesty!"

King Tang was surprised: "who are you? How can I help you? "

"I am the Loong king of Jing River outside Chang'an City," said the Loong King. "I wiil be beheaded by Wei Zheng, your Majesty's wise minister, because of my violation of the rule of heaven. So I come to pray and ask your majesty to save me."

The king of Tang saw that he begged and was compassionate, so he agreed: "I can save you. Don't worry. "

The Loong King is relieved.

Li Shimin, king of the Tang Dynasty, woke up from his dream and thought about the entrustment of the Loong King. He thought about it and decided to keep Wei Zheng by his side for one day tomorrow. If he didn't leave the palace for half a step, he should be able to save the Loong King.

The next day, towards noon, Li Shimin, king of Tang, called Wei Zheng to play chess. At noon, Wei Zheng fell asleep.  The king of Tang was very happy and thought to himself, "if I don't wake him up, when he wakes up, it's past noon, he can't kill Loong King.". The king of Tang sat looking at Wei Zheng. He saw that Wei Zheng was sleeping soundly and his clothes were soaked with sweat. After a while, Wei Zheng cried out from his sleep, "kill!" After shouting,  woke up.

"Who do you kill in your sleep?" asked the king of Tang Wei Zheng said, "the Jade Emperor told me to kill the Loong king of Jinghe river!"

"Did you kill it?" Tang asked Wei Zheng said, "kill!"

The king said, "how are you going to kill when you fall asleep?" Wei Zheng said, "The head od Loong king is hanging on the high pole of the Meridian Gate! If you don't believe me, let's take a look. "

They went to the Meridian Gate, and there was indeed a blood head hanging on the high pole, which was believed by the king of Tang.

In the evening, the king of Tang went to bed. Just when he closed his eyes, he saw the Loong King without head coming. He said, "you've delayed my life. I'll come to you to settle accounts!" He sat up in fear. Wait for a while, close your eyes, it's the same scene again, frighten the king of Tang to stay up all night. The next day, several ministers came, and King Tang told them all about it. The ministers said, "let's all sit here. You can have a sleep." The king of Tang just closed his eyes and was still scared to wake up. There was no way.

Qinqiong and Jingde, two old meritorious officials, came to see the king of Tang when they heard that he with trouble. They said, "Do not afraid of the Loong king when I'm here? You sleep. It's OK. "

As soon as the king of Tang closed his eyes, he fell asleep. He slept soundly. When he woke up, it was noon the next day. At first sight, Qinqiong and Jingde, two loyal ministers, were still standing at the door. King Tang was moved to get out of bed. From then on, Qinqiong and Jingde stood guard every night to protect the king of Tang. More than a month later.

Tang is a clear emperor, he thought: I always ask people to stand at the door and sleep by myself, it's not suitable. He asked the painter to draw the pictures of Qinqiong and Jing De and stick them on the door leaf. In this way, The Loong king dare not come.

Qinqiong and Jingde

Since then, the images of Qinqiong and Jingde have been pasted on the Palace door. The imperial palace of Tang Dynasty has been passed down from generation to generation. The common people also learn from the royal family to paste door-god every year. Until now, every year on the 30th of December, the common people paste door-god to block the evil spirits.