An overview of ancient Chinese Poetry

the book of songs

Book of Songs - Poetry of the South - Han Fu - Folk songs of Wei, Tsin, southern and Northern Dynasties - literati poetry of Han, Wei, Yuan Dynasty - Ancient style and new song house of Tang Dynasty - Metrical Poetry - Song Ci - Yuan Qu - Modern poetry.

Poetry is the oldest and most basic form of literature in the world, and it is a literary genre that describes the soul. However, poets need to master mature artistic skills, and according to certain syllables, tones and rhythms, use concise language, abundant emotions and rich images to intensively express social life and human spiritual world. Confucius believed that poetry has four functions: Xing(association), Guan(observation), Qun(Gregarious) and Yuan(Resentment). In ancient China, those which didn't accompany music were called poems, those which accompanied music were called songs, and later generations referred to both as poems.

Poetry originated from ancient social life. It is a rhythmic and emotional language form produced by labor production, couple emotion and primitive religion. In the early days, poetry and song were integrated with music and dance. Poetry is the lyric. In the actual performance, it always sings with music and dance. Later, poetry, song, music and dance develop independently and form an independent system. Poetry and song are collectively called poetry. Poetry is the oldest and most characteristic literary style which originated from labor slogans (later developed into folk songs) and sacrificial ode originated from the ancient times. Poetry was originally the general term of poetry and song, which was combined with music and dance. Chinese poetry has a long history and rich heritage, such as the book of songs, Chu Ci, Han Yuefu and the works of countless poets.

The development of poetry has experienced the development process of "book of songs" → "Chuci" (Poetry of the South) → "Han Fu" → "Han Yuefu poetry" → "Jian'an poetry" → "Wei, Jin, southern and Northern Dynasties folk songs" → "Tang poetry" → "Song poetry" → "Yuan qu" → "Ming and Qing Poetry" → "Modern poetry".