Deciphering the rules of Chinese chess

Chinese chess

The boundary of Chu River and Han Dynasty - Chu He Han Jie

"The boundary of Chu River and Han Dynasty(the border of two opposing powers)" is related to the history of two heroes, Liu Bang and Xiang Yu, fighting for the world in the late Qin and early Han Dynasties. In 207 BC, Liu Bang and Xiang Yu entered the Shaanxi one after another. By chance, Liu Bang entered Xianyang first. According to the agreement, Liu Bang was supposed to be the king of Guanzhong. However, Xiang Yu, relying on his merits, tore up the agreement and established himself as the overlord of the Western Chu, the capital of Pengcheng (now Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province), and granted Liu Bang the king of Han Dynasty. In 206 BC, Liu Bang led his troops eastward, which opened the prelude of the four-year struggle between Chu and Han. In the summer of 205 BC, Xiang Yu defeated the Han Army in Pengcheng, and Liu Bang retreated to Xingyang. Since then, the Chu and Han armies have been fighting against each other for two years in Xingyang. In 204 BC, the Chu army surrounded Xingyang. Liu Bang felt the situation was critical and asked Xiang Yu for peace, but he was refused. Although Liu Bang was not strong enough, he was good at using intrigue to separate Xiang Yu and fan Zeng. As a result, fan Zeng was expelled from the army, leaving with hatred, and died on the way. Xiang Yu lost his resourceful military division and was in a dilemma. In 203 B.C., Liu Bang sent troops to attack Chenggao. After using the tactics, Chenggao was defeated. After Liu Bang sent Han Xin, the general, to cover the back road of the Chu army, cut off the food and grass of the Chu army, so that the Chu army suffered from the enemy. However, Xiang Yu put forward the requirement of "dividing the world in the middle, cutting the gap to the West for Han, and to the East for Chu", so the famous "boundary of Chu River and Han" came into being.

Why red and black

In chinese chess, there are two colors of red and black to distinguish the two sides of the pieces, but why are red and black specified, and there is no other color? According to records, Liu Bang led the rebel army to revolt in Mangdangshan and personally killed a big white snake on the mountain. This is the long-standing story of "Gaozu beheaded the snake(Gaozu is Liubang)". It is said that after Liu Bang beheaded the great white snake, an old woman came to the mountain crying and said that her son was the son of the White Emperor. She turned into a white snake and was killed by the son of the Red Emperor. She was very sad. After that, the old women were gone, which meant that the Qin Dynasty would be replaced by a new dynasty. Since killing the White Snake, Liu Bang claimed to be the son of the Red Emperor, and he especially liked red. Even the big flag in the army was changed to red. Xiang Yu is brave and likes black. He is dressed in black, and even sits down on the black horse. "Red commander black general" probably came from this. Later, in chess, people usually put the Red Square on behalf of Liu Bang and the black on behalf of Xiang Yu.

Generals(“Jiang” and “Shuai”) don't see each other

Xiang Yu's strength was very strong at the beginning of fighting for the world with Liu Bang. Liu Bang was defeated by Xiang Yu. Later, Liu Bang prepared to fight Xiang Yu face to face under the advice of Han Xin and Zhang Liang, but at last Liu Bang was defeated and came back, almost killed by Xiang Yu. IIn a battle, Liu Bang, king of the Han Dynasty, once abused Xiang Yu, the overlord of the Western Chu state, on the Guangwu mountain, the overlord of the Western Chu state, on Guangwu mountain. Although Xiang Yu was inferior to Liu Bang in wisdom, he was recognized for his superior force. Xiang Yu took up his bow and arrow to shoot at Liu Bang, and the arrow flew to Liu Bang. Liu Bang, who was hiding under heavy escort, had no chance to dodge and was directly shot. Liu Bang, in order to show his confidence, pulled out the arrow in pain, and was still in the public, he laughed at Xiang Yu's poor archery skills and only shot his toes. In fact, the arrow cost Liu Bang and almost died. The two sides stood up here. Finally, the two sides decided to negotiate. Later, Liu Bang didn't dare to fight Xiang Yu face to face. Instead, he accumulated energy in secret and gradually developed. That's why there is such a rule in the rules of chinese chess that the "JIang" and the "Shuai" can't meet.