Wang Xizhi:Wang Xizhi

The Orchid Pavilion

Wang Xizhi (321-379, or 303-361), who was a great calligrapher in the Eastern Jin Dynasty and was respected as a "calligrapher saint" by later generations, was born in Langya Linyi (now Shandong Province) and later moved to Shanyin (now Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province).

The Orchid Pavilion

Wang Xizhi was fond of writing since childhood. It is said that when walking at ordinary times, he also practices writing with his fingers. After a long time, even his clothes have been scratched. Through hard study and practice, Wang Xizhi's calligraphy is becoming more and more famous. People at that time regarded his handwriting as a treasure.

It is said that once Wang Xizhi went to a village. An old woman with a basket of hexagonal bamboo fans was Hawking in the collection. That kind of bamboo fan is very simple, there is no decoration, can not attract the interest of passers-by, it seems that it can not be sold out, the old woman is very anxious.

Seeing this, Wang Xizhi sympathized with the old woman and went up to her and said, "You can't sell your bamboo fan without any words or pictures on it. Shall I inscribe for you?

The old woman did not know Wang Xizhi. Seeing that he was so enthusiastic, he gave him the bamboo fan to write.

Wang Xizhi took up his pen and wrote five words on each fan. He returned them to the old woman. The old woman was illiterate and felt very unhappy that he had scribbled.

Wang Xizhi comforted her and said, "Don't worry. You tell the buyer that it's written by Wang Youjun.

When one of Wang Xiyi left, the old woman did as he said. The people in the collection are really Wang Youjun's calligraphy and are rushing to buy it. A bamboo fan will soon be sold out.

Inkwell pool

When Wang Xizhi was a child, he happened to see the handwriting of Zhang Zhi, a calligrapher of the Eastern Han Dynasty. He lamented that Zhang Zhi wrote well in grass. Wang Xizhi studied Zhang Zhi's "reading face the pool,pool water be black" and practiced his calligraphy painstakingly. From then on, Wang Xizhi practiced calligraphy with his pen every day. After finishing his writing, he went to the pool at his door to rinse his pen. Over time, the pool was dyed black. People called the pool "ink pool". According to records, Wang Xizhi lived in Lanting in Shaoxing, Xinchengshan in Linchuan, Jigushan in Yongjia, Zhejiang, and Guizong Temple in Lushan, Jiangxi.

Wang Lanzhi's " The Orchid Pavilion" is admired by calligraphers of all ages and is known as "the first book in the world." Official script, Cursive script, Regular script, and various bodies, intensive research, get rid of the Han and Wei styles, and become a family, with far-reaching influence.