Beautiful dai costume

Dai women's clothing

In China, the population of Dai nationality is more than one million. Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Dehong Dai Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture, Gengma, Menglian, Yuanjiang and Xinping County are the areas where the population of Dai nationality is relatively concentrated. Dai's dress is elegant and beautiful. It is practical and has a strong decorative meaning. It can reflect the national personality of loving life and pursuing the beauty of harmony.

Dai costumes are quite characteristic in national costumes, especially the costumes of Dai girls. Women's clothes are light and elegant on the upper body, gorgeous on the lower body, with various flowers, combs or decorations in the hair, basically the same as in the past. The difference is that the quality of the material, the variety of designs, the style of the clothing and so on have been greatly improved.They usually like to wear red tight waistcoats (with various colors of lace sewn on the chest), and they wear short tight jackets outside, including light red, light yellow, turquoise and sky blue, etc.; they wear tube skirts at the lower, with the length up to the instep, and the colors are bright and beautiful, which are mostly sewn with silk, satin, cotton, nylon and other materials. The waist is tied with a silver belt of fine workmanship, which is more than an inch wide. Women's clothes, skirts are tightly wrapped around the body, the lines of the human body more smoothly outlined.Today's Dai women wear simple and elegant colors of collarless, sleeveless corset jacket, collarless thin sleeve corset jacket, under the skirt, short clothes and waist, long skirt and ground. The long skirt is usually tied at waist with silver belt, which makes the female's curve clear, legs long and slim. The color of dress is peacock green, light green, pink, light yellow and light yellow. The fabric is mostly made of thin and soft yarn or silk. When going out , wear fashionable leather shoes and sandals on your feet, and hold flower umbrella to cover the hot sun, showing beautiful and moving demeanor everywhere. The style of dress is developed on the basis of absorbing the essence of traditional costumes, moving towards beautiful, light, bright and elegant direction.

Dai women's clothing

Dai men's clothing generally wear small sleeved shirt without collar, long tube pants under, and white cloth, blue cloth and red cloth cover the head. The clothing of Dai men in different places is not different, generally simple and generous. The upper body is short sleeved shirt without collar or large front, and the lower body is long trousers with clean color, and white and blue cloth cover the head. Some of them wear gift hats, and they like to wear blankets in the cold weather. It's common in the four seasons Barefoot. This kind of clothing is light and comfortable when working in farming, and makes the wearer look handsome and unrestrained when dancing. In recent years, there have been small sleeved shirts with neckline or large lapel. The headscarf has been changed to water red, green and pink silk. The pants keep the original style. Dai youth have always been free to fall in love. The time of falling in love is mainly in the slack days after the end of autumn harvest. There are various ways for Dai youths to find a partner in love. Dai men usually don't wear ornaments, and occasionally find a shiny silver bracelet on their wrists. Inlaid with gold and silver teeth is their preference. They usually pull out the good front teeth and replace them with gold or silver dentures. In the past, there was a tattoo custom, in which there were text symbols or patterns such as lion tiger, unicorn, peacock, etc. on the chest, back, abdomen, limbs, etc. to show bravery or pray for auspiciousness.

Dai men's clothing

Generally speaking, Dai's dress is elegant and beautiful. It is practical and has strong decorative meaning. It can reflect the national personality of loving life and advocating the beauty of neutralization.