Necessary cold noodle in summer

cold noodle

Cold noodle, a kind of food originated in Shaanxi Province, is one of the favorite delicacies in China, especially in the hot summer.

cold noodle

It is said that at the end of Qin Dynasty and the beginning of Han Dynasty, Liu Bang occupied Hanzhong area. In order to consolidate agriculture, he ordered to build water conservancy projects and vigorously develop agriculture. In order to improve people's lives, the common people constantly innovate new foods, dilute flour with water, steam it into pancakes, cut it into strips with a knife, put in spices such as peppers, and this it to become the prototype of Cold noodle. Because of its simple production and convenient materials, it quickly spread among the people. In the subsequent development, the production process and method of Cold noodle are constantly updated, and the taste is more delicious. It has developed into Cold noodle and Cold rice noodle, which has met the taste needs of different people.


The technology of making Cold noodle is simple, especially suitable for making at home. Raw materials only need high quality flour. First, add the right amount of flour into the basin, add the right amount of water, and then mix the flour to make the dough. Place the dough in the basin and cover it with a fresh-keeping film, and ferment for about 30 minutes. After fermentation for 30 minutes, add a proper amount of water into the basin with dough, and the amount of water is about half of the position where the dough is submerged. The next step is to "wash the dough". Washing the dough is to rub the dough in the water, similar to washing clothes by hand, to rub the starch substance in the dough into the water. This step will last for a long time until the water in the basin becomes turbid and the dough becomes beige. The turbid liquid obtained is the Cold noodle protoplasm. The main matericals of Cold noodle is to make it. If there is a filter screen, the Cold noodle protoplasm can be filtered once. The last step is to make Cold noodle, find a wide and shallow container, such as a large plate, brush the surface of the plate with vegetable oil, put it into the steamer, and then evenly smear the Cold noodle protoplasm surface slurry on the plate with a spoon, which must be evenly applied, not too thick, then cover the steamer, steam for 2-3 minutes, and then get the transparent Cold noodle after 3 minutes. After the Cold noodle is made, cut it into two finger wide strips with a knife, put the cut Cold noodle into a bowl, add salt, vinegar, chili oil, sesame paste, soy sauce and other seasonings, then mix them, mix them evenly, then they can be used, or add cucumber shreds, bean sprouts and other food according to their own taste.


The other is Cold rice noodle. The manufacturing process is basically the same. The raw materials are different. The raw material of Cold rice noodle is rice. Soak the washed rice in clear water for 5-6 hours, and then put the rice into the pulper for smashing after 6 hours. When grinding, rice and a little amount of water must be put into the pulper together. The smashed material is rice pulp, and then add some water into the rice pulp for filtering, The following steps are the same as the manufacturing process of cold skin.

cold noodle

There is a slight difference in the taste between Cold noodle and Cold rice noodle. They are made according to personal taste, but they are very delicious, and they are one of the necessary food in summer.