The Secret Recipe Red Chilli Oil

The Secret Recipe Red Chilli Oil
Red Chilli Oil

Red Chilli Oil is a necessary condiment for many local dining tables, especially in Shaanxi, Sichuan, Henan, Shanxi and other places. Red Chilli Oil is even more necessary for every family. Whether it's making cold dishes, eating pasta, eating dumplings, cooking, Red Chilli Oil is an excellent seasoning partner. You po La Zi is the Chinese name of Red Chilli Oil. The name comes from the way it is made. It is called You Po La Zi by sprinkling hot oil on chili powder with a spoon.

chili powder

The common way of Red Chilli Oil is very simple. Put some chili powder into a bowl, add some salt, sesame, pepper powder, myrcia, Amomum tsao-ko and other seasonings, then heat the vegetable oil to 80% heat, pour the hot oil into the bowl with a spoon, stir the chili oil several times until the ratio of oil and chili powder is 2:1, and the common Red Chilli Oil is finished Now. This time, we will introduce the Secret Recipe Red Chilli Oil. The Secret Recipe Red Chilli Oil has a stronger fragrance and a distinctive taste.

Materials prepared

High quality chili powder, green Chinese onion,cooked sesame, salt, ginger, garlic, pepper, myrcia, Amomum tsao-ko, cinnamon, onion, five-spice powder(star anise, clove, cinnamon, fennel, and brown pepper), coriander, canola oi.

chili powder


hot oil with onions
  • Step1: Wash ginger, garlic, onion, onion and coriander;
  • Step2: put chili powder, cooked sesame seeds, salt and five spice powder into the bowl;
  • Step 3: put the rapeseed oil into the pot for heating, and use a small fire to prevent the oil temperature from being too high;
  • Step 4: cut ginger, green Chinese onion, onion, garlic and coriander into sections and put them into the pot. Use a small heat to heat them, but keep the heat low;
  • Step 5: when the onion, green Chinese onion and coriander are become yellow after heating, add spices such as myrcia, cinnamon, Amomum tsao-ko, keep heating with a small fire, and always stir fry;
  • Step 6: turn off the fire when the yellow color of the onion is more than half. Use a shovel to remove all the materials from the pot, leaving only hot oil in the pot;
  • Step 7: add the hot oil in the pot to the bowl filled with chili powder when the oil temperature is high. Stir and add the hot oil at the same time. The amount of hot oil is about 2 times of that of chili powder;
  • Step 8: wait for the oil to cool down.

The Secret Recipe Red Chilli Oil is that the hot oil is different. The Secret Recipe Red Chilli Oil is seasoned with different seasonings, and the flavor of coriander, shallot and onion are integrated. No matter you are eating dumplings, noodles and cold dishes, The Red Chilli Oil is your best choice, especially when mixed with vinegar, which is appetizing and delicious.